I find the inspiration for my work in the recycling of materials and concepts. I create images from wood, paper, canvas, metal, paint and other art materials that I mix to express form and ideas that often stem from my interest in art history, design, literature, culture and the human condition. Recently I have been involved in the recycling of my own work of previous periods as a way to extend the collage or selection process. By deconstruction or taking apart and re-combining previous work I am able to freely manipulate these parts into a new and revitalized whole. Since Duchamp, who revolutionized aesthetics in the early twentieth century, art making is free of specific mediums, techniques, or better said: any material, idea or theory can be used or manipulated as art. Working within these parameters I complete the work through a process which may or may not converge upon my original intention. By being acutely aware of poetic as well formal connections I am looking for the parts to lead me in discovering the intention, to ultimately make a statement. The figure, as well as figurative elements are almost always present in my work and are supported by abstract visual devices and strategies. I may ultimately lead the viewer toward a message or impression but the public audience viewing the statement completes the work by giving it meanings which may or may not coincide with that given by myself. My work is freewheeling in a sense, improvised, and as much of a discovery to me as it may be to the audience who views it. 
michael falzone